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Withdrawal Wells Site Map

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Well Name
Army 1 WW (MV-1)
ER- 6-1-2 main
J -11 WW
J -12 WW
J -12 WW (885 ft)
J -13 WW
J -14 WW
U -20 WW (cased)
U -20a 2 WW
U -20n PS 1DD-H (3025 ft)
U -20n PS 1DD-H (4309 ft)
U -20n PS 1DD-H (recompl)
UE- 1r WW
UE- 2ce
UE- 5c WW
UE-15d WW (1735-6001 ft)
UE-15d WW (cased)
UE-16d WW
UE-19b 1 WW
UE-19c WW
UE-19e WW
UE-19gS (2650-4508 ft)
UE-19gS (2650-7500 ft)
UE-20h WW
UE-20j WW
UE-25c 3
UE-25c 3 (2285-2667 ft)
UE-25c 3 (2286-2879 ft)
WW- 1
WW- 2 (3422 ft)
WW- 3 (1800 ft)
WW- 4
WW- 4A
WW- 5A
WW- 5B
WW- 5C
WW- 8 (2031-5490 ft)
WW- 8 (30-2031 ft)
WW- A (1870 ft)
WW- C (1373-1701 ft)
WW- C (recompleted)
WW- C-1
Map of the Nevada Test Site and surrounding areas J -14 WWWW- C (1373-1701 ft)WW- 8 (2031-5490 ft)UE-25c 3 (2285-2667 ft)UE-25c 3 (2286-2879 ft)UE-19gS (2650-4508 ft)UE-15d WW (1735-6001 ft)U-20n PS 1DDH (4309 ft)U-20n PS 1DDH (recompl)J -12 WW (885 ft)UE-25c 3ER-6-1-2 main UE-20j WW WW- 1 J -13 WW J -12 WW J -11 WW UE-19c WW UE-19b 1 WW UE-19e WW UE-19gS (2650-7500 ft) WW- 8 (30-2031 ft) UE-16d WW UE-15d WW (cased) WW- C-1 WW- C (recompleted) WW- 4A WW- 4 WW- 3 (1800 ft) WW- 5A WW- 5C WW- 5B RNM- 2S UE- 5c WW WW- A (1870 ft) WW- 2 (3422 ft) UE- 2ceUE- 1r WWArmy 1 WW (MV-1) U-20n PS 1DDH (3025 ft) U -20a 2 WW U -20 WW (cased) UE-20h WW

Graph of annual withdrawals from the Nevada Test Site, 1951 to 2014

Nevada National Security Site Groundwater-Withdrawal Data-Collection Study

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) compiles and maintains groundwater withdrawal data for wells on and adjacent to the Nevada National Security Site. Groundwater withdrawal data are a compilation of measured and estimated withdrawals obtained from published and unpublished reports, U.S. Geological Survey files, and/or data reported by other agencies. Monthly withdrawal data collected from 1951 to present at the 42 wells listed above are available by clicking on the specific well name and selecting "Groundwater Withdrawal Data (monthly)." Monthly withdrawal data collected from 1951 to 2008 for the wells are available in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a history of each well in terms of its well construction, borehole lithology, and water levels also is provided (Elliott and Moreo, 2011).

Regional Groundwater-Withdrawal Studies

The USGS, in cooperation with DOE, developed a transient groundwater flow model to evaluate the effects of NNSS activities on the regional groundwater flow system (Belcher and Sweetkind, 2010). A spatially and temporally distributed database of anthropogenic groundwater withdrawals was developed in support of the groundwater flow model (Moreo and others, 2003). This database documents regional groundwater withdrawals from 1913 to 1998. Withdrawal estimates were refined and updated through 2003 as part of a continuing effort to improve and update the groundwater flow model (Moreo and Justet, 2008).

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