Lake Tahoe Nearshore Periphyton Study

Monitoring Strategy

We are sampling five transects on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, north of Ward Creek.

  • Temperature, electrical conductance, dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll-a are being measured at 20 locations (4 locations per transect) using hand-held sensors shown in yellow on map.
  • Sediment and lake water quality samples will be obtained from approximate locations (green triangles on map).
  • Temperature probes will be installed at two locations per transect (three at PPMS) shown in red on map.
  • Lake stage and head is monitored by a sensor, temperature rod (TROD), and pressure transducer inside a piezometer driven into lake bed sediments.
  • Turbidity is measured at 1 location in transect 4. Four light loggers are installed in transect 4 and 1 light logger is installed at transects 1 and 3.
  • Temperature is monitored with iButtons in the Lake column and with the TROD for lake bed sediments at 6 depths.
  • Groundwater influence is measured by a 1-inch diameter PVC piezometer installed at the PPMS to a depth of 1 m.

Pineland Periphyton Monitoring Site

Automated (hourly) measurements of temperature, electrical conductance, and dissolved oxygen are collected.

Samples of nitrogen and phosphorus are collected in the lake water columns and shallow pore water at 3 points (green triangles).